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RubberRubber soleAll Wool- Featuring a Merino lining, the Urban Wooler??s 100% wool uppers are durable, flexible and water-repellent on the outside; cozy and itch-free on the inside. Whether it??s hot or cold, wool??s natural wicking and breathable properties keep your feet at a comfortable temperature.Elastic Laces- Comfort meets convenience in these elastic laces that making slipping on and off your shoes a breeze. The no-tie design is easy to adjust to ensure a snug fit and makes for a clean, modern look.Durable Soles- Bend doesn??t break. That??s the kind of flexibility and strength these TPU rubber soles provide. Also featuring resistance to water and extreme temperatures as well as oils and grease, they give you the security and stability needed to deal with the unpredictable nature of life in the city.The Urban Woolers are streamlined for warmer weather. The moisture- wicking wool and slip-on, slip-off elastic laces make these sneakers cool in every which.These shoes are perfect for everyday wear and are also great for light athletic use. Parker shoes are so cozy and comfortable you’ll barely notice they’re there.


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